February 2018 Update


I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I’m a natural writer but hey, everyone has something to say and, hopefully, one or two of these may contain a few interesting nuggets.  What is it with writing?  Some people can just natter away and everything makes sense and is quite humorous. Me, I constantly read what I’ve just written on Twitter and Insta and then spend the next few minutes criticising what I’ve done.  And we are only talking 280 characters people!!! Sometimes, and this is the honest bit, it takes me ages.  Yes, ages to write one paragraph.  Add graphics? huh, you’ve got to be joking!  I think people must have master classes in writing on social media.  Where did they learn?  How long does it take them?  Perhaps they have a small army of friends/colleagues who are constantly churning this stuff out.   Insta stories well, still plucking up the courage to post on that.  If I do get it wrong, please don’t laugh…  As I’m slightly obsessed and love reading other peoples tweets and stories, I should at least have a go shouldn’t I?   Watch this space. Ok. Watch my Insta space!!

Pancake ingredients… bubbles compulsory!

Those of you who know me, also know that February is the month where I start Lent. Yep, this year is no different except it started on Valentine’s Day which seems extremely unfair.  Bad timing.  However, Pancake Day (the day before) is a big thing in our house.  We refuse invites out so we can spend time together making new and interesting pancake concoctions.  The ‘Malteser Teasers’ chocolate spread won the night hands down, move over Nutella the new bad boy is in town.   It is the future and I was spoilt rotten.  Anyway, back to Lent…  No naughties for what seems like weeks and weeks and weeks… It transpires cheese is now my new found friend. Not the best substitute but keeps me off the chocolate, sweets, sugary bits and pieces.  The waist line and hips should take a hit but it never works out that way. The good news is I’ve refound the gym.  Not my ‘new best friend’ but like a distant relative you know you should visit more often.  Has anyone else joined me for these 45 days and nights of hurt ?  Best of luck if you have, and I’ll let you know how I get on.  Honestly.

Love Nicki