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Spring has sprung and I think the weekend was the warmest so far this year!

How are we all?  Last time I wrote, I’d just started my 6 weeks of Lent which I’m pleased to say is now well and truly over.  No bread, no alcohol, no sweets, no chocolate.  Boy, was I fun during that time… although I must admit, half through a fabulous evening at The Brit Awards at the O2 downing my third class of champagne, I suddenly remembered I’d given up drinking.  Well, I’m not perfect.


Sara Cox, Emma Bunton & I

So back filming Escape to the Country (yeah!!) after a few months off. Cambridgeshire, North Devon, Dorset and back to Eat Devon this time with a new couple.  Great start to the new series, I’ve so missed it, and praying the sun continues to shine. What a wonderful place to go to work.  Jealous of my ‘office view’ every day?!!  Not only is Escape such a popular show over here, but also around the world.  Oh yes, we’re ‘global’ don’t you know.  Move over Top Gear… Always makes me chuckle when Aussies come up to me when I’m filming Wanted Down Under and ask if anyone ever buys the mystery house…?  Of course they do!!  Filming this year has already seen me name my own crisp flavour, ride in tanks and an SPG (self propelled gun!), and attempt to climb a cliff face on the Isle of Portland (nervous times).  All in the name of being a presenter.  Bring it on.  Talking of this show, I met up with a dear friend of mine a few weeks ago, the one and only Miss Emma Bunton.  She and the lovely Sara Cox have a new show on BBC2 called ‘Too Much TV’ and invited me on to discuss Escape, Wanted Down Under and my old Pop Idol days.  Here we are together.


First Time Buyer Magazine



Good Housekeeping Magazine

A couple of press pieces I’d love to share with you this time, firstly thrilled to be included in May’s issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine “A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self.”  An honest article about how I felt after leaving school at 16 with few exams and no direction in life and how I’ve changed over the years.  If you get a chance, please have a read…  Also I’m gracing the front cover of this quarter’s First Time Buyer Magazine and hosting their event later on this month.  I’m passionate about giving people honest advice and suggestions about how to get on the property ladder for the first time… it can be confusing and depressing time, a daunting thought especially when we look in the estate agents window or read the daily news.  I like to think there is light at the end of the tunnel for many people, and hopefully this mag may prove helpful.  Special thank you from me to Seb and Edward T Cooke @ WMA for the gorg photos!  


On the set of Sky News

Back reviewing the papers again soon for Sunrise.  Been a regular guest so far this year and really enjoy being part of the news debate. Love this photo on the set of Sky News with the gorgeous pairing of  Stephen Dixon and Gillian Joseph with my fellow reviewer Kevin Schofield, Editor of PoliticsHome.com.

Kevin and I look like the ‘anchor couple’ but we all know it’s really Stephen and Gillian that are in charge!

So today I’m reading my scripts for another adventure in the country, meeting my producer at BBC Radio 2 for a catch up and packing for the week ahead filming.  Hope you’ve had a great Easter break and next time I’ll blog about ‘life behind the scenes on one of my shows’ plus my latest news…

Bye for now


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