December Update

img_4146It’s now December and we’re coming to the end of 2016. Seems quite funny to type that. As they say, where have the last 12 months gone?

So let’s wrap up this year. You probably know by now I love anything equestrian and The Spanish Riding School of Vienna were back in Blighty, performing at Wembley and also the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham. The SRS are the oldest riding school in the world, and to be hosting this event was quite incredible. Thank you to all who came along.

As a regular contributor on Sky News reviewing the papers, it was a first for me in the new ‘glass box’ on Sunrise. Very space age and hi-tech. I don’t think you could get any further removed from my usual position, standing in a field talking property! 2016 has certainly been a year for news stories….

My filming schedule is now nearly over for this year with Escape to the Country, The Escape Revisit Shows and Wanted Down Under put to bed with transmission dates looming. Wanted Down Under will now go out at the beginning of January 2017 on BBC1 and is a bumper series with more episodes and revisits than ever.

img_3862One of the most powerful and impressive projects I’ve been involved with is called People Power. The documentary, which we filmed in Bristol with Dave Myers (Hairy Biker legend), Mark Millar, Juliet Sargeant and Martyn Ashton, should transmit on BBC1 the week of 12th December and was a truly brilliant and eye opening experience. Try and watch it if you can, or if you miss it take a look on iplayer. It shows the power of volunteering and the differences it can make to peoples and communities lives. Both ends. Having always done charity work but never volunteered, not only was it a lesson on giving back or giving someone a leg up, it also spurned me on to become a volunteer near where I live. I’m not going to preach as it’s a very personal thing to do, but it’s certainly changed me and how I look at certain situations. Working with such devoted and tireless volunteers, from all walks of life and all ages, showed me how powerful people and communities can be. A true lesson.


Lets finish with a glam shoot! Thank you to the superb Sunday Express Magazine team for my ‘In The Closet’ feature. Loved every minute of it…. wish I looked like this every day….!!!

Time now to sign off. Whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a smashing Christmas and I’m going to wish you health and happiness in 2017. What will your new year’s resolution be? Mine… patience, tolerance and kindness. And also to enjoy turning 50 in January. Gulp.

Take care

Love Nicki x

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