Hello to 5-0


Hope everyone is keeping well.

I will only be writing this statement once in my whole lifetime. I’ve turned 50! Yes back in January I celebrated the start of a new decade… although when I read some of the biogs about me online, they’ve kindly put me at 51. Hey!! It’s an interesting one because during 2016 I spent many a moment trying to work out how I would feel about turning this momentous corner. Yes, I’m a woman so it is seen as ‘a big one’, and yes I work in the media and we read and see every day the pressures of keeping that’ youthful look’, whether you work in front of the camera or not.

So I was keeping myself busy trying to work out and analyse how I felt. And you know what, I felt good. I decided to embrace the big 5-0 rather than apologise and not think out it. I know we’re all different, so don’t expect everyone to feel the same way (whatever the milestone) but for me I had to give myself a reality check and talking to;

Am I healthy? Yes, mostly. Do I have a great circle of friends and family? I do, thank goodness.

I have a wonderful husband who is amazingly supportive and tells me that every day, and a job I adore. So with a small kick up the backside, I decided to embrace the age, embrace what’s happening to me on the outside and celebrate what’s on the inside. I might not always be in a good place further down the line, so celebrate!

There’s a great sporting saying… Look for the win in every situation. So here’s to being a woman who’s just turned 50. I’m smiling and I’m winning.

Love N x

Nicki Chapman celebrating her 50th birthday with family and friends at Home House, London.


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