October Update


Yes, it’s time for an update and I hope you’ve all had a good Summer!

So, here we are in October, and already my mind is wandering towards Christmas… Too soon??  Ok.  I’ll hold that thought and update you on the last few months.
Another day at the office...

Another day at the office…

I’m a true Spring/Summer girl and this year didn’t disappoint.  June saw me disappear off to Australia to film Wanted Down Under and the WDU Revisits too.  The series has been extended by ‘Auntie’, so we now have 40 new or updated shows for you.  I’ve just found out that the series will probably start airing in November this year, rather than the usual January so keep an eye out for the new shows.  The repeats over the Summer got a huge response and you love to find out ‘what happened next’… hopefully these new programmes will give you the answers.  As soon as I know, I’ve put out a tweet with the start date.  Hate to crow, but I think it rained every day I was away from Blightly.  Good timing by me…  Here’s a snap which I like to call ‘another day at the office…’

Too excited about our mode of transport...

Too excited about our mode of transport…

Now here’s a name drop.  My husband co-manages Iron Maiden with the legendary Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor (awesome guys) so his daily commute to work has been on this beauty for the past 6 months or so whilst they’re on their world tour.  The band and management kindly allowed me to bag a lift to Oslo in Norway to join them.  Saw the band play in China back in April but sadly couldn’t quite get a seat on the plane… but this time. Oh yes!  Last time I went on a private plane was when I day to day managed the Spice Girls World Tour for Simon Fuller, but our plane was nothing like this work of art.  And what’s more, the lead singer flies it.  Double oh yes.  It’s times like this that I love my job.  Or should that be my husband’s ‘job’.  I might add my first visit to Oslo didn’t disappoint, but I was too excited about the mode of transport.

Celebrity Antiques Road Show

Celebrity Antiques Road Show

Look out for Jules Hudson and my ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trip’ appearance with the fabulous Natasha Rankin and Philip Serrell who held our hands, talked us through our antiques, helped me find 1st gear in the old Morgan and showed us a whole new world.  It goes out shortly on BBC1 and I don’t want to say too much apart from if you love this series it will certainly be a show to remember…  Apologies to the drivers of Herefordshire who had to pass me on narrow lanes when I stalled a few times.  And as for finding reverse, forget it. Where’s my Evoque…? .

Managed a few days with friends in the South of France and then Portugal.  Both divine trips away which were over too soon..  Who doesn’t love a Summer escape?
Shacky and I by the pool.

Shacky and I by the pool.

Thanks for the wonderful day out with the North East Ladies (NELD) who organised a fabulous lunch and welcomed me to their fold.  All 600 hundred of them.  Empowering to see so many women in one room and hearing some moving and incredibly personal stories.  Also to the North Yorkshire West Fed WI girls in Bedale at the end of September for educating me in all things ‘WI’.  These ladies are certainly inspirational and never seem to stop let alone have time to bake cakes as some people may presume… although I’m sure they do a mean fondant fancy.

September and now October has seen me visit 9 counties in 9 days… From London, Wiltshire, Somerst to County Durham, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire then back to London then off to North Yorkshire and on to the towns or city gardens of Poundbury, Letchworth, Milton Keynes, Ebbsfleet finishing in my home town of Herne Bay. Phew. Why? Filming some exciting new programmes called ‘I Escaped to the Country’ or ETTC Revisits (yes, people who have bought our houses over the past few years) as well as a new series for the BBC on housing which has been fascinating.  More on that later, and I will let you know when they are due to air.


Part of the family!

You may have heard my dulcet tones on BBC Radio 2 quite a lot over the Summer and now into Autumn.  I’ve been dep’ing for the hardest working woman in radio, Vanessa Feltz, as she sits in for Jermey Vine.  Not many things drag me out of bed at 3.30 am on a daily basis, but the Early Breakfast Show is one of them! It’s been an absolute joy and hope to do more over the coming months.  Many of you have been texting and tweeting in regularly, thank you. I appreciate all your comments, feed back and hilarious stories.  Makes me feel like part of the family.

Making my way to Bristol later for filming so look out for me around the city all this week.  I’m also hosting the Spanish Riding School of Vienna in November at Wembley and also the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, so if you love your dancing horses (and want to watch the oldest riding school in the world and also the most elegant display their expertise) do pop along.  It’s truly spectatular and I’m delighted to be a very, very small part of it.



Finally, well done to Team GB and Paralympic GB this year at Rio. Let me leave you with a photo of yours truly with Charlotte Dujardin, Spencer Wilton, Fiona Bigwood and Carl Hester who won Silver in the Team Dressage this year at the Olympics and of course, Charlotte won gold too.  Our heroes.

It’s now time to sign off.  I know blogs are meant to be short but I haven’t written in months!
Much love
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