So firstly thank you for checking out my brand new website, it’s a fresh start with lots of things coming up so keep checking in for the latest updates.

This summer has been barmy (and I’m not just talking about the weather); we’ve just wrapped on Wanted Down Under for another series and I’m already missing it. For those who don’t know, the series sees me fly out to Australia or New Zealand with families for a week long relocation trial, after which they have to decide whether they want to re-locate. I love to get to know the families and their dreams but it’s a big move and a massive undertaking.


Escape To The Country has also been in full swing. We had the pleasure of traveling the length and breadth of the British countryside from Cornwall to North Yorkshire, with my wellies at the ready! However, I’m happy to report they stayed clean and unused this series.

I’m excited that there is word of further ‘Escapes’ with the second series of Escape To The Continent also being filming a little later this year. Not that I’m keen or anything but my suitcase is ready and waiting at the door..

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